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Experimental Theatre Wing

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V0000079.JPG The Experimental Theatre Wing is dedicated to initiating students into the artistic process through the medium of theater. It is our mission to provide students with an actor training and production program which will prepare them technically, conceptually, and personally to create their own work, and to meet the far-ranging demands of contemporary and traditional directors, playwrights, choreographers, composers and filmmakers. Our goal is to facilitate the development of young artists who have the skill, vision, courage, and will – as well as the personal and social consciousness – to create vital new theater art.

ETW began in 1975 at New York University. The first faculty was drawn from such major experimental theater companies and other leaders in contemporary theater, dance, and music. This group of artists/teachers collaborated to develop the core ETW curriculum – a program based on innovative approaches to physically based acting. ETW’s training covers a wide range of approaches to acting, dance, self-scripting, and vocal performance. Rather than imposing a single aesthetic frame, the ETW curriculum provides students with fundamental performance skills, while helping them discover and shape their own unique artistic visions.

ETW curriculum is divided into primary training for first- and second-year students, who follow a prescribed course of study, and an upper level for third- and fourth-year students, who choose from a variety of advanced courses in voice, movement, and acting. Also available is an upper level transfer track designed primarily for third- and fourth-year students transferring from other studios in the Drama Department.