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Advanced Training

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Third And Fourth Year: The upper level curriculum builds on the first two years of training through advanced technique work and exposure to a range of performance styles in theatre, dance and music. Each student creates her or his own schedule from the various upper level courses offered that semester. The training options change from year to year, depending on the needs and special interests of the third and fourth year students. And a variety of production options are available, including ensemble-created production work, guest-directed production work, and student independent productions.

The following are examples of recent upper level options:

Acting/Performance Art/Writing for Theatre

Scene Study (Chekhov and Beckett)- Andre Gregory
Medieval Mystery Plays - Ruth Maleczech (Mabou Mines)
Brechtian Theatre Making - Kevin Kuhlke
Shakespeare/Moliere - Steve Wangh, Kevin Kuhlke
Contemporary Scene Study - E. Katherine Kerr, Terry Knickerbocker
Advanced Physical Theatre - Andre Gregory, Steve Wangh
Advanced Improvisation - Steve Wangh
Audition Technique - Terry Knickerbocker
Film Audition - Paul Lazar
Self-Scripting - Karen Finley, Peggy Pettitt, Rosemary Quinn
Self-Scripting - Holly Hughes, Lois Smith, Peggy Shaw
Playwriting - Erin Cressida Wilson, Steve Wangh
Solo Work - Marcus Stern, Louise Smith
Video Art - Cathy Weis
Found Object Puppetry - Erik Blanc
Theatre Of Choice - Daniel Banks
Directing - Kevin Kuhlke
Erving Goffman Applied to Theatre - Kevin Kuhlke
Piece Making - Jeff Webster (Wooster Group)
Clowning and Commedia - Chris Bayes


La La La Human Steps (ballet and rep) - Louise Lecavalier, France Bruyere
Butoh -     Maureen Fleming
Le Coq Mask Work - Isabelle Anderson, Per Brahe
Afro-Haitian -     Pat Hall and Pam Patrick
Choreography -     David Neumann, Annie-B Parson, Mary Overlie, Stephen Petronio, Kate Valk (Wooster Group), Paul Langland, Wendell Beavers
Advanced 6 View-Points -    Mary Overlie
Advanced Contact Improv - Kirtsie Simson, David Zambrano, Katie Duck
Suzuki - Kelly Maurer and members of SITI company


Advanced Linklater - Cecil MacKinnon
Advanced Vocal Improvisation and Free Jazz Singing - Lisa Sokolov
Advanced Roy Hart Technique - Jonathan Hart
Bel Canto Singing applied to all styles - Jeff Halpern
Speech - Nancy Mayans, Walton Wilson, Natsuko Ohama
Contemporary Music Composition - Johnathan Hart, Andy Warshaw

Recent Guest Seminars & Master Classes:

Designed to give ETW upper level students access to theatre artists whose schedules do not permit extended teaching residencies, guest seminars have included included Sam Shepard, Bill Irwin, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Theater Gardzienice. Joseph Chaikin, Michelle George (from Peter Brooks Company), Martin Santangelo (Noche Flamenco), Kristin Linklater, Sir Peter Hall, Joe Daly, Ann Carlson, Tina Landau, and Dr. Jessica Benjamin (dramaturgical applications of feminist psychoanalytic theory).